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Citizen Opposes Trash Rate Increase

This letter is to officially object to, oppose, and protest the proposed changes to solid waste collection charges and rate restructuring effective July 1, 2023, and beyond.

  • It is essential that the City of Glendale recover the actual cost of service in an equitable and timely manner.
  • It is essential that such “cost of service analysis” be conducted and communicated to the public in an accurate and timely manner.
  • It is essential to recognize and adjust to the increase in costs and inflation over recent past periods, along with the complexities and complications of effective waste disposal, which has been too long evaded and/or ignored by past Councils and officials.
    Which alternative or options exist? Some must exist; what are they? Which have been tried and how effective are/were they? This proposal seems to be another “Take it as is”; or “Just take it and like it.” The increases will accrue and compound until Glendale residents accept them.
    If trash services are contracted out in the future, who gets laid off to “save money”? Who profits? What is the relationship between any savings and income? What is it worth, will it be a net gain/loss or just a breakeven transaction? How are “laid-off employees” to be treated in the event of additional contractors being employed? What, if any, impact will there be on the city’s obligations to Calpers?
    The history of trash hauling and disposal contracts in many U.S. cities over past decades has been one of collusion, corruption and criminality. What “safeguards” for the future of Glendale, if any, are contained in this proposal? Money is fungible. Will proceeds of these changes go into a dedicated waste disposal fund, or the general fund? Who has the authority to decide or divert funds, and when?
    In short, an initial increase of either 76% to 146%, effective July 1, depending on cart/container size, is excessive, followed by annual increases until July 1, 2027, with a total for a single-family 64-gallon monthly rate for a single family with a 96.89% increase over this approximately four-year period.
    This amounts to a minor adjustment based on the earlier proposal at the January 2023 Council meeting. There seems to be no basic change in the bottom line. But it is a major increase in cost to the residents of Glendale, which continues into the future.

E. N. Friesen

First published in the April 29 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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