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Saying Farewell to Paula Devine

On April 4, the city of Glendale hosted a “farewell reception” for outgoing Councilwoman Paula Devine in the Police Department Community Room.
Even at 1 p.m. on a Thursday, there was no shortage of people who had come to say goodbye and honor Paula’s decade on the City Council.
When Paula first ran for Council 10 years ago, she and Art asked me if I would help campaign for her, and I quickly answered yes. I soon found myself knocking on more than 300 doors in my neighborhood on her behalf. I shouldn’t have been surprised that so many of my neighbors already knew Paula through her many civic and charitable organizations. What I most enjoyed was talking about her accomplishments to people who had never heard of her nor followed much city business at all.
After she earned a seat on Council, she was warned by the city manager that she would eventually “change” over time. Paula vowed “never” to change, instead over time only improving her already well-honed skills! For me, her finer qualities included both respect and response. She was a councilmember for all the city, not just a district, and she responded immediately when advised about a problem. I didn’t agree with all of her decisions over the years, but I always admired how she thoughtfully and carefully made them, while respectfully regarding others’ opinions.
We will miss you Paula, but we know you will still be active in this ever-growing and improving city of Glendale.

Peter Rusch

First published in the April 13 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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