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Union Member Stands by Report on Tse

I came across an article “GUSD Board Candidate, Union Refute Allegations” from your paper Glendale News-Press.
I am the Beverly Hills Education Association former treasurer who reported the misappropriation of funds committed by Telly Tse. Your article mentioned my name but no one from your paper has attempted to contact me to verify these allegations. Instead your reporter ran a whole story that is one-sided and based on Telly’s lies with no evidence.
The story we brought to the Beverly Hills Weekly is about union corruption. Telly did steal money from us. If Telly was innocent, why did he pay back $7,418.40? The reason that he was not prosecuted is because the majority of our local union leadership is corrupt. The people who voted not to charge him of the crime are the same people who turned a blind eye and spent money with him using the credit card to dine out. They refused to handle the matter ethically and decided to sweep this under the rug. Please contact me if you want to see the evidence.
Your readers deserve better.

Judith Chan
Los Angeles

First published in the March 2 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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