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Council to Blame for Power Rate Increases

At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, GWP staff detailed needed rate increases to cover the cost of reliable electric service for Glendale residents and businesses.
When Councilmember Paula Devine asked if the years of delay caused by some on the Council opposing plans to modernize the Grayson Power Station, as well as using the energy generated at Scholl Canyon Landfill may have anything to do with the pending rate increases, staff rightfully stated yes and they had told Council as much years ago.
Mayor Dan “Kick the Can” Brotman, along with Councilmembers Elen Asatryan and Ardy Kassakhian, voted to decrease our electric reliability by opposing the repowering of Grayson (it was originally proposed at 262 megawatts of service, Brotman reduced it to 58 MW, Asatryan has opposed all plans to provide reliable, affordable power) have made the city’s energy situation perilous in future disasters, and cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars more in construction and financing costs.
Thanks a lot guys! When you escape from Glendale by running for higher offices, we the citizens will be left holding the bill.
Voters, please keep this in mind next time you see their names on the ballot.

Brian Ellis

First published in the September 30 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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