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Pasadena Humane Urges Dog Licenses Amid Canvassing Effort

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Some Glendale pet owners recently expressed frustration at the lack of awareness over requirements to obtain licenses for their dogs within the city.
There are also fines associated with noncompliance, which many community members say came as a surprise, taking on social media platforms like Facebook and Nextdoor to warn others and express their displeasure.
In the state of California, by law all dogs 4 months or older must be licensed and vaccinated for rabies. Pet licenses are issued as ID tags that must be worn on a pet’s collar at all times. In Glendale, spayed or neutered dogs receive a license fee discount, meaning the one-year tags will cost $31 instead of $46.
Aside from showing that a pet is properly up to date on its rabies vaccines, these ID tags can also assist in reuniting lost pets with their owners, as each tag contains a unique number linking a pet to its home address.
Beginning late last year, Pasadena Humane licensing department associates began canvassing Glendale neighborhoods, going door-to-door to give residents information on how to obtain a pet license and answer any questions, said Kevin McManus, public relations and communications manager at Pasadena Humane.
“The goal is still very much educational,” McManus said. “We understand that this is still very new for the city’s residents so we’re trying to get everyone used to it.”
If during one of these visits, canvassers discover a dog is not licensed, they issue a warning to the pet’s owner.
“After the warning, if residents do not obtain a license within a reasonable time (about two months), an animal control officer can go to the residence to issue a Glendale administrative citation,” McManus said, adding that these citations begin at $100.
If a resident still does not comply after the estimated 2-month grace period, Pasadena Humane will send a report to the city attorney’s office, who decides how to proceed.
Dog licenses last one year, as long as the pet’s rabies vaccination are up to date. Cat licenses are optional in Glendale, but can also be issued with Pasadena Humane for $10 and last a lifetime.
Complying with dog license regulations helps keep the community safe by reducing the possibility of rabies transmission, the animal services agency said.
Glendale is one of 11 cities Pasadena Humane is contracted with for animal control services.
For more information, visit pasadenahumane.org/services/licensing.

First published in the March 16 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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