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Crescenta Valley Town Councilman Resigns After Bar Incident

A member of the Crescenta Valley Town Council resigned on Thursday following his involvement in a physical altercation on March 9 with a manager at a downtown bar, as well as allegedly publicly urinating in front of the bar’s employee entrance.
Following an Instagram post from @precinctdtla, which appears to show security footage of two men urinating on a glass door outside of Precinct bar, commenters quickly identified one of the men as Chris Kilpatrick of the Crescenta Valley Town Council.
After urinating, “[The two men] rounded the corner where one of the managers spotted the drinks and tried to take them away; the big one reacted by physically assaulting him, throwing him to the ground,” the post stated.
While Kilpatrick declined to comment on the matter, his legal counsel, John Duran, told the News-Press “this incident is ongoing, and facts are still being gathered.”
Duran went on to say that the manager involved in the altercation, as well as a second individual who worked at the bar, did not identify themselves as employees.
“The first individual grabbed my client aggressively asking if he had been at the Precinct Bar. My client instinctively pushed back in self-defense,” Duran said. “It was reasonable for him to believe that they were about to possibly be gay bashed by these two individuals.”
After Kilpatrick submitted his resignation on Thursday, and the social media frenzy that ensued after the bar’s Instagram post, the Crescenta Valley Town Council issued the following statement: “While we do not condone any of the behavior we observed on social media, we appreciate [Kilpatrick’s] three years of commitment and dedication to the community while serving on the council.”
Kilpatrick had been a member of the council since 2020.
While Duran again emphasized that facts surrounding the incident are still being gathered, he added that public urination is not a criminal offense, but an infraction for which a person can be cited.

First published in the March 16 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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