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Build Dog Park Away From Homes

As you know, there is much controversy over the proposal to grab a section of the level green grass in Brand Park to use as a dog park.
I have no problem with people wanting to bring their dogs to a common area, I feel however this proposed location is not the place.
The area in question has heavy use by youth programs as well as by locals looking to relax in the park.
Being directly adjacent to homes, this incompatible usage will become a nuisance for those homeowners. Yes, they knew they were living next to a public park. However, the high intensity (and noisy) use necessitated by dog parks (just look at the area by Ferro Fields in Griffith Park) is not conducive to being so close to residential space.
Lastly, for years the issue of no park space in South Glendale has been raised to Council numerous times. If anyone needs open space for their pets, it would be the multifamily residents of Glendale south of the 134 freeway.
The focus of this proposal should be on this in-need region, or alternatively in an area not already heavily used as park land and not adjacent residential property.

Brian Ellis

First published in the September 2 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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