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CHIPS and Science Act Approval Was the Right Move

First published in the Dec. 17 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

President Biden has made it clear that increasing American chip production is a top priority in order to give us a competitive edge over our rivals while fundi the development of new American technology.
By approving the CHIPS and Science Act, Biden contributed more than $50 billion to American companies creating computer chips, made an investment of around $10 billion in scientific research, and provided tax incentives to boost the production of semiconductors here at home.
Later, the president would impose a total export ban on cutting-edge American semiconductors to China, preventing them from acquiring the most advanced computer chips available, which are critical to their development, resulting in a major blow to their infrastructure.
It seems as though China’s over-ambitiousness has proven to be a grave miscalculation, as it could take years for them to be in the position to produce their own tech, free of American manufacturing. Whether or not they can compete with America’s growing dominance in the field (due to actions taken by President Biden) is still yet to be determined.
President Biden’s actions will give us the opportunity to curb China’s growth, ensure that we are self-sufficient, and increase the probability that it is the U.S. and not China that dominates the next generation of AI technology and development. President Biden, through all this pressure, has proven that he has what it takes to lead Americans in a potent and presidential manner.

Hyke Torosyan

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