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End the Drought Before No Water Is Left

First published in the Dec. 17 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

The entire region is under drought emergency. We are beating the same drum, again.
A headline article in the Los Angeles Times this morning reads: “Entire region under drought emergency.”
Assuming for one minute that the officials with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California are correct, then how is it that anyone in their collective right minds can continue to approve construction of thousands of new apartments in Glendale and Burbank? Who knows what the number is in the entire southern district?
They are basically saying to stop all outdoor watering or else we will run out of water. But it is perfectly acceptable to add tens of thousands of new toilets, showers, kitchen sinks, washing machines and rooftop swimming pools and everything will be just fine.
I understand that I am not an engineer or politician, but I do have some mental faculties, and this makes absolutely no sense.
When is some enlightened individual (most likely not a politician) going to connect all the dots — water, electricity, sewer capacity and parking — and put a stop to this nonsense?
I hope they do before we are actually out of water.

Jim Kussman

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