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‘House of Cards’ Installation Shows Its Hand

Artist Raphaele Cohen-Bacry’s most recent installation, “House of Cards,” will be display at the Adams Square Mini Park Gas Station through Friday, Aug. 18.
“House of Cards” features vividly colored collages on playing cards of various sizes hanging from the ceiling at different heights. The inspiration for this installation stems from the idea that playing cards is deeply embedded in our psyche, influencing the way people think about things, which has resulted in several idioms, such as “playing one’s cards right” and “having an ace up one’s sleeve.”
Born and raised in Paris, France, Cohen-Bacry was attracted to drawing, painting and “making things” from an early age. She studied painting and engraving in various schools in France while completing her doctorate in pharmacology and a degree in performing arts at l’Ecole de la Rue Blanche in Paris.
Cohen-Bacry considers art a personal quest and her studio as a laboratory where she conducts experiments to create images that do not exist in the real world. Her style is deeply rooted in art history, and she was influenced by movements such as CoBrA and Tachisme.
She exhibits her artwork nationally and internationally in alternative spaces and professional galleries, in addition to selling her work to corporations, hospitals and more.
To learn more about Cohen-Bacry’s work, visit raphaelecohenbacry.com or follow her on Instagram @raphaelecohenbacrystudio.

First published in the July 15 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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