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State Senate Passes Resolution to Make Bulacan a Sister Province

The state Senate recently passed a Senate Concurrent Resolution 57, which establishes a sister state relationship with the Philippine province of Bulacan.
The measure, which was authored by state Sen. Anthony Portantino, was introduced on the Senate floor and will promote mutually beneficial educational, economic and cultural exchanges between the state of California and the province of Bulacan. The measure passed with a unanimous vote and standing ovation from the senators present.
“I am proud to introduce this resolution that launches the start of a special friendship between our state and the province of Bulacan,” Portantino said. “The sister state relationship will encourage our regions to develop partnerships and provide opportunities for mutual prosperity.”
SCR 57 extends an invitation to the people of the Philippine province of Bulacan to join with California in a sister state relationship. The resolution aims to promote the prosperity of both regions and to improve international understanding and goodwill between both regions.
“The Filipino-American Business Association of Glendale (FABAG-GLAC) and the Filipino American community of Glendale and Los Angeles County are very humbled and honored to receive SCR 57, authored by Sen. Portantino,” said Edith Fuentes, former president and executive board member of FABAG-GLAC. “We are thankful to him for choosing the historical and rich heritage, arts and culture of the province of Bulacan as the sister province of California. This is a perfect recognition, especially during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
“This recognition affirms the many contributions of Filipino Americans to the history, culture and achievements of California and the United States,” added Fuentes, who was present at the hearing. “We appreciate the chance to further our friendship and relationship with the state of California. I look forward to many years of a great sister province relationship.”
The Philippines is comprised of more than 7,000 islands, and the province of Bulacan, Philippines, has a total population of 3.7 million and is California’s 27th largest export partner. Bulacan, the largest province of the Philippines in Central Luzon, started with small fishing settlements along the coast of Manila Bay and was one of the first eight provinces to rise against Spanish rule. The province of Bulacan has a high literacy rate and highly educated and trainable workforce. According to the most recent United States census, there are approximately 4,000,000 Filipino Americans living in the United States, with about 2 million living in California, many of whom are American citizens or dual citizens.
“This is another history in the making for Filipino Americans in California and the USA,” Fuentes said.

First published in the May 20 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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