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Fentanyl Crisis Is Out of Control

First published in the Jan. 7 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

The News-Press ran a story titled “Coroner Rules Teen Actor Died From Fentanyl Overdose” in their Dec. 31, 2022 edition. The teen actor was Tyler Sanders, star of Amazon’s “Just Add Magic: Mystery City,” who died from an accidental Fentanyl overdose.
Being a minor, the adults in the room are responsible for his death. After all, it is the adults in Washington, D.C., who set our immigration policies and not Tyler Sanders’ generation. One political party wants to secure our Southern border against illegal immigration and drugs, and the other party believes in open borders and encourages illegal drugs like Fentanyl to cross our southern border.
According to the United States Attorney’s office for the Southern District of California in San Diego, more deadly Fentanyl is being seized by border officials in San Diego and Imperial counties than at any of the nation’s 300 plus ports of entry, making this federal district an epicenter for Fentanyl trafficking into the United States.
The city of Glendale is about a two-hour drive from our southern border and California Rep. Adam Schiff’s district since 2013. Not surprisingly, on Dec. 31, 2022, we received another piece of mail from the Congressman’s office with no reference to the Fentanyl crisis. Congressman Schiff often writes in the local newspapers without reference to the Fentanyl problem in his district.

Mike Mohill

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