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Glendale Must Embrace Green Energy, Solar

First published in the Jan. 7 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

There are few issues that affect our everyday lives like climate change. It affects how we live, what we do, and even contributes to natural disasters not just in California but around the world.
The only thing we can do as residents is ensure that the communities we live in are as green and solar friendly as possible to guarantee that the planet we leave to our children and our children’s children not only remains beautiful, but is ultimately habitable for future generations to come.
Enter the Glendale Solar Solution, an initiative that aims to provide more incentives for people to install solar panels and energy storage batteries at their homes. This is a very worthwhile investment, especially since Glendale only has about 2.5% of their residents with solar panels on their homes when the statewide average is closer to 10%.
What this initiative does is not only provide incentives to have people install solar and storage systems, but also ensures that Glendale has clean renewable energy for a sustainable future.
This plan will also streamline the hectic process of applying for permits and would provide more incentives for low-income customers. We do not need more gas-powered plants to harm the environment. We need to think ahead and ensure that Glendale implements the Glendale Solar Solution initiative today to ensure that we can provide a clean and renewable future to the city of Glendale and its residents.

Manuel M. Magpapian

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