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Waste Collection Cost Is Increasing

First published in the Nov. 12 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

Every citizen in Glendale is staring down the barrel of at least an 82% increase in their solid waste collection bill. Some four-unit buildings will experience a 523% increase.
Yes, I know we can go to the public hearing or write a letter. Relax. It is a done deal.
Meanwhile, Laura Friedman, Daniel Brotman, Andy Kassakhian and Paula Devine are smiling proudly that they are going spend at least $6 million of our tax money on the Verdugo Wash Revitalization.
Now just what do we get for the $6 million?
Friedman says the $6 million will act as a “jump start” for more planning and infrastructure. This is political speak for it is going to cost a lot more that $6 million.
A bike lane that will allow you to cycle from Glendale all the way to Griffith Park and into the San Fernando Valley without ever encountering a conflict with a car. I sure hope it’s downhill both ways.
I see bike lanes all over Glendale, but I seldom see anybody riding a bike. Maybe getting all the way to the San Fernando Valley will increase interest.
My point is this: Our elected officials are more than pleased to promote feel-good projects, while the rest of us pay more for our city services.

Jim Kussman

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