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Great Starts, Great Outcomes Preparing Children for Real-World Success

What’s the difference between high-achieving adults and those lagging behind academically, socially and economically?
Despite many variables, researchers point to early educational experiences as a significant differentiator. At PUSD, we’re big believers in preparing children of all ages to thrive, both now and in their adult years, nurturing life skills as much as academic excellence.

A three-pronged approach to lifelong success
Each day, PUSD teachers, administrators and other professionals come to work mindful of three things: For starters, we believe a strong, well-rounded education is essential for preparing each child for real-world success. Just as important, we’re mindful that success at any age encompasses so much more than good grades. We also know each child is different, and a strong education should nurture their unique talents, interests and abilities.
Put simply, from toddlers to teens, PUSD students receive whole-person education designed to cultivate academic, social and emotional skills for lifelong success. To make that possible, PUSD offers a variety of award-winning programs tailored to our students’ interests.

Award-winning programs for toddlers to teens
Researchers and parents know this well: Kids need great environments to thrive. Starting as early as 3 years old, PUSD early education programs begin nurturing critical learning skills, without sacrificing play or individual child needs. Ninety percent of our Early Childhood Education teachers have a bachelor’s degree in human development and are trained in anti-bias care. Even as toddlers, PUSD students are already exposed to a huge selection of age-appropriate programs from foreign languages to sciences and the arts.
As students grow older, the menu of programs and tools available to them evolves accordingly. Unique offerings include dual language immersion (Spanish, French, Mandarin, Armenian) and International Baccalaureate programs, designed to equip students to engage people across different cultures in very real, practical ways.
Activities like STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), College and Career Academies also prepare our students for competitive job markets and opportunities.

On-demand access to wellness support
Student wellness — mental, physical, emotional — is another key ingredient for developing productive, happy and healthy global citizens. We know that each child, family, and situation are unique. When life feels heavy, PUSD mental health professionals tailor their approach to each child, making them feel seen, honored, and supported as they make positive changes.

Step into greatness with PUSD
The world is changing fast, and new challenges demand new educational approaches. At PUSD, we’re excited to foster multifaceted skills that can open doors to rewarding opportunities for each child under our care.
Is PUSD the right place for your child? See for yourself: We invite you and your family to come visit and learn why forward-thinking families choose PUSD as a launchpad for their children.
Sign up to tour today by calling (626) 396-3639, or visit pusd.us/enroll.

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