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Be The One Who Helps

First published in the June 4 print issue of the Glendale News Press.

My husband fell backwards into the street when he was pulling out mail from the mailbox at our Glendale home.
While he was lying there, 13 cars went around him and didn’t stop.
What’s with people who take no action when action is clearly called for? What about the police in Texas who made no move to save the children from the gun man at Robb Elementary School? I certainly don’t mean to equate the two situations, but they take the same mentality: “Let the other guy do it. Not me.”
Turns out it was two women who saved the day. They stopped, parked their cars and helped my husband up before an insensitive soul could drive over him. Luckily, my husband was none the worse for wear.
This story has a happy ending. Others do not.
At one time, many of us thought Glendale was our little piece of heaven. That time has passed.

Ruth Sowby Rands

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