Home Events 36th Annual Los Angeles Lithuanian Days Fair

36th Annual Los Angeles Lithuanian Days Fair

Immerse yourself in Lithuanian culture. Come and enjoy 10 hours of live entertainment, unique music, dance, songs and food. Each year, new Lithuanian artisans of various media are featured, including: folk arts, weavings, oils, woods, ceramics and sculptures. Lithuanian amber jewelry, fashions, books, music, stamps, coins, medals and souvenirs are available. Taste our traditional Lithuanian cuisine like Kugelis, Zeppelins and a Tree Cake. One can dine with friends at the fair or purchase food “to go”.¬†Entertainment runs all day with an array of musical, singing and dancing talent from around the world.¬†Come, bring your family and friends, because everyone is invited!

  • Sponsoring Organization: Los Angeles Lithuanian Community
  • Location or Venue: St. Casimir Church, 2716 St. George St., Los Angeles, CA 90027