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Motor Vehicle Board Reappoints Kassakhian as President

The California New Motor Vehicle Board recently voted to reappoint Glendale Councilman Ardy Kassakhian as president of its board in the Department of Motor Vehicles headquarters in Sacramento.
Kassakhian is serving in his second term as a member of the New Motor Vehicle Board. He was first appointed in 2016 and was recently reappointed by the California Senate Rules Committee.
“I am excited about the work that the New Motor Vehicle Board is doing, especially in crafting our strategic plan in line with the California Department of Transportation’s core goals,” Kassakhian said. “We continue to address many issues as they relate to motor vehicle manufacturing and sales, including but not limited to safety, equity, climate action and economic prosperity. We will continue to monitor emerging trends and new technology in the industries under our purview and work collaboratively with manufacturers and dealerships.”
At the meeting, Kassakhian thanked the state’s secretary of transportation, Toks Omishakin, for his dedication.
“As goes California, so does the rest of our great country and we have an obligation in our state to be a leader in transportation in many areas in addition to how we transport the goods that arrive here at our ports and airports, connecting communities throughout the state and beyond and ensuring that people can get to wherever they need to when they need to,” Kassakhian said.
The NMVB’s mission is to enhance relations between automobile dealers and manufacturers throughout the state by resolving disputes in the new motor vehicle industry in an efficient, fair and cost-effective manner. The board’s statutory jurisdiction extends to any person applying for or holding a license as a new motor vehicle dealer, manufacturer, manufacturer branch, distributor, distributor branch or representative. Administrative support for the board’s activities is provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles.

First published in the May 11 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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