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Schiff Should Keep ‘Hands Off Judiciary’

It’s not surprising that Rep. Adam Schiff and 10 fellow Democrats are pushing the Judicial Ethics Enforcement Act of 2024, as a recent Glendale News-Press letter writer noted.
Mr. Schiff lied repeatedly to the American public and was censured by the House for his brazen unethical behavior. Yet, he claims the Supreme Court needs to be hounded for its “ethics.”
The truth here is the Democrats aren’t getting their way in passing unconstitutional legislation and so want to damage the Supreme Court even more severely than they (and their supporters) have done in the last few years. This is another preposterous attempt to bend judicial rulings to their favor, similar to their nonsensical push for an expanded court.
Schiff would do more good for the nation by resigning his seat and finding a real job that’s not fed by the public trough. Adam, please keep your dirty hands off the judiciary.

Brian Ellis

First published in the May 4 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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