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Burglaries Down, but Glendale Police Warns of Wi-Fi Jammers

The Glendale Police Department issued an advisory on Tuesday in response to the spate of residential burglaries over the past few months, both in Glendale and across Southern California.
GPD explained that in some cases, suspects have been utilizing technology to commit these crimes, such as Wi-Fi signal blockers or “jammers,” which help them evade detection from home security alarms and cameras.
These devices are silent to the human ear and give off a high signal to stop Wi-Fi signals and security systems, disconnecting them from the network and disabling alarm systems. A signal jammer can be a handheld portable device that prevents wireless communications within a 15-meter radius.
“This technology disrupts the signals emitted by home Wi-Fi systems, cutting the feed of traditional home security systems and cameras, and rendering them ineffective in alerting homeowners or law enforcement to the presence of intruders,” GPD said. “These incidents have raised significant concerns regarding the safety and security of our community.”
GPD has reported a gradual decrease in burglaries in recent months, with 19 in both December and January and 18 in February. As of Wednesday, there had been eight in March.
The recent decrease comes on the back of focused efforts by the Glendale Police Department at the end of 2023, when it established the GPD Residential Burglary Task Force. The task force comprises GPD patrol and motor officers, special enforcement detail, detectives and undercover officers.
“To date, the task force has been responsible for a significant decrease in residential burglaries in Glendale and several arrests,” the department said in a statement.
In November 2023, GPD said it saw a “significant” spike in residential burglaries, reporting 24 total incidents. Prior to this increase, the department had been seeing an average of a dozen residential burglaries per month, Police Chief Manny Cid told the News-Press.
While investigations into these incidents are ongoing, GPD urges residents to remain vigilant and take proactive measures to enhance the security of their homes and neighborhoods.
The department provided the following safety tips for residential security:

  • Hardwire alarm systems and cameras to prevent susceptibility to signal interference and minimize vulnerability to signal blockers.
  • Strengthen security around property by installing sturdy locks on gates that restrict access to homes or backyards.
  • Enhance exterior lighting with motion-activated lights to deter potential intruders and increase visibility at night.
  • Equip security cameras and alarm systems with back-up batteries to ensure continuous operation during power outages or disruptions.
  • Install locks or additional security measures on second-story windows and balconies to prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Establish a neighborhood watch with trusted neighbors who can keep an eye on each other’s homes and consider using a house sitter to provide additional security and occupancy when away.
    GPD asks anyone with information to assist in ongoing cases by calling (818) 548-4911. To remain anonymous, call the L.A. Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (8477) or go to lacrimestoppers.org.

    First published in the March 23 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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