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Let’s Elect Our School Board Members Carefully

Voters need to be aware that in the GUSD School Board race in Area E, the extremist candidate masquerading as a champion of “parental rights” is Aneta Krpekyan.
When Krpekyan says “parental rights,” she’s using code. She characterizes efforts to teach tolerance and kindness as “grooming,” an old trope revived by modern-day authoritarians. She hectors and bullies public servants and teachers who don’t conform to her “Christian-conservative” values, and she peddles lies about sex and sexuality being taught to 8-year-olds.
As an actual GUSD parent and Christian, her allegations are unequivocally false. We don’t elect School Board members to impose their morals on the rest of us. We elect them to follow state and federal public education laws and manage a $350 million budget that serves 25,000 students in over 30 schools in GUSD.
In Area E, the choice is clear: Vote for Neda Farid. She has spent more than 20 years volunteering at various levels of the PTA, eventually rising to be president of the Glendale Council PTA. Farid has served on numerous education-related task forces and committees. She has also spent years visiting schools across L.A. County learning from teachers, staff and parents about innovative ways to improve equality and inclusivity. Farid wants the school district to prioritize attracting and retaining teachers. Her son is a successful GUSD graduate now pursuing a doctoral degree.
In other words, Neda Farid wants to make our schools better. Aneta Krpekyan just wants to spread intolerance and hate.

Emma Duncan

First published in the February 16 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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