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State of Virgil’s Parking Lot Has Regressed

I thank the News-Press for publishing my previous letter regarding the deplorable parking lot at the defunct Virgil’s on Glendale Avenue.
There was some effort to clean up the lot that lasted about a month, then it regressed to its previous state with an added graffiti feature (see photo above). For an example of how to properly maintain a vacant lot, just look up the street at the former ZONE recreation site. The entries are chained off and no garbage is ever on the lot. It can be done!
Meanwhile, the city’s Community Development Department sign remains on the Virgil’s site with an announcement of a public meeting date of 2022. Maybe the city should hold regular meetings at the site to be closer to the issues of the city. The guys parking their semis and box trucks overnight and weekends are sure benefitting from this freebie.

Felipe Hernandez

First published in the January 13 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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