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Some Rental Rights Ideas Seem Questionable

The Glendale News-Press edition [Saturday, Sept. 9] reported on the City Council hearing a variety of rental rights suggestions.
Some recommendations appear questionable, but the overriding theory of mom-and-pop property owners paying the same relocation rental fee as a developer or corporate reality company when a tenant is evicted is ludicrous.
Rather than bicker over these relocation rental charges, perhaps a partnership between the renter and the property owner [should] be created similar to a social security plan.
Have each renter and each property owner contribute to a tenant relocation account, predicated on actual income. This so-called “layaway plan” does not create a financial burden for either property owner or renter, enabling the relocation burden to be shared.
Perhaps Glendale’s Measure S funds (residents approved an increase in the local sales tax several years ago) need to be used to address this complicated, economic issue.

Thomas J. Searson

First published in the September 16 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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