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No Dog Park at Brand

I am a longtime resident and ardent reader of the Glendale News-Press and feel the urgent need to get the word out to residents of Glendale.
I am a dog owner and have been bringing my dogs to Brand Park daily for several years. The proposed area to be fenced in for a dog park — the only open, grassy field south of the Tea House — will exclude the many parkgoers who use the space for their varied activities and will wreck the beauty and serenity of the park as a whole.
It does not take paid consultants and advisers, only observant parkgoers, to see that the space is heavily used by families and individuals for group sports, exercising, picnics, lounging by people AND their dogs. How many Glendale residents are even aware that this space is being considered to be fenced off exclusively for dogs?
The neighborhood will suffer with the added noise, smells, traffic and congested parking. Events and wedding venues at the Tea House and Brand Park will be compromised with this unnecessary and costly distraction. It would be a huge loss to parkgoers overall because the open space is what makes Brand Park special to everyone and their dogs.
The park and the trails are open use and should continue to be shared by all!
I greatly value the power of the press! And hope that my opinion, which is shared by many, will reach your readership.
Thank you.

Lisa Yesko

First published in the September 9 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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