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Local Athletes Compete in Pacific League Prelims

Crescenta Valley, Glendale and Hoover high school varsity track and field athletes competed in the Pacific League prelims last weekend at Arcadia High School.


Sophomore Emilia Greenway finished first in the girls’ 1,600 meters with a 5:18.6 time. Sophomores Kaitlin Kenney (5:38.35) and Madeleine Cho (5:42.14) placed seventh and eighth, respectively, while junior Ava Martin (5:49.68) and senior Emma Haworth (5:50.28) finished 10th and 11th. Senior Kate Saeva (5:59.12), junior Idaly Garcia (6:01.58), senior Anisa Mamujee (6:04.68), junior Anthea Perez (6:10.17) and senior Julia Linney (6:12.98) placed 14th through 18th, respectively, while junior Courtney Smith (6:16.81), senior Eliana Chong (6:38.60), junior Kaylee Yoxsimer (6:40.75) and senior Rylan Brodie (6:41.03) finished 20th through 23rd, respectively.
Seniors Parker Simmons (4:21.69) and Harrison Connors (4:33.56) finished the boys’ 1,600 in first and second, respectively. Junior Eddie Sion (fourth, 4:26.81), senior Jamie Cartnal (fifth, 4:31.25), sophomore Liam Zadoorian (sixth, 4:34.66), junior Ryan Becker (seventh, 4:34.86) and junior Arlo Gagnon (10th, 4:41.12) each finished within the top 10. Junior Luke Myers was 12th with a 4:42.31 time while freshman Martin Macias (14th, 4:46.41) and junior Nathan Lee (15th, 4:46.63) finished just a few seconds later. Junior Ater Prather (20th, 4:55.50), senior Reed Sinclair (22nd, 4:56.62), senior Josh Santiago (23rd, 4:57.35), junior Samuel Standard (24th, 4:57.38), junior Ethan Kim (26th, 4:58.13) and junior Joshua Blackwell (27th, 4:58.24) finished as a pack, junior Juan Pablo Escobedo was 35th with a 5:20.57 time and senior Emmett Bringas rounded out the Falcons’ race in 38th with a 5:34.62 time.
Sophomore Keira Calaguas (19.00) and junior Cameron Ouye (20.04) finished the girls’ 100 hurdles in fifth and seventh, respectively. Sophomores Emily Martinez (ninth, 1:06.04) and Leah Farhadian (12th, 1:07.85) competed in the girls’ 400 while junior Lachlan Blunt (55.03) and Drew Chong-Byers (59.38) finished seventh and 12th, respectively, in the boys’ 400.
Senior Calix Jamerson finished as the boys’ 100 runner-up with an 11.41 time, and juniors Jack Bowman (12.32) and Ella Khodadadi (16.23) each placed 22nd in the boys’ and girls’ 100, respectively.
Cho finished fifth in the girls’ 800 with a 2:35.03 time while Kenney (2:37.85) was just after in seventh. Saeva (11th, 2:47.79), Haworth (12th, 2:48.24), Perez (13th, 2:48.87), Garcia (14th, 2:51.92) and Mamujee (15th, 2:56.09) placed just outside the top 10 while Smith (3:05.05) and Brodie (3:05.63) rounded out the Falcons’ race in 18th and 19th, respectively.
Junior Sebastian Leufroy won the boys’ 800 with a 2:04.7 time. Freshman Caleb Burton placed fourth with a 2:08.91 time while Zadoorian (sixth, 2:07.41), junior Ian Hwang (seventh, 2:09.87) and Gagnon (ninth, 2:10.24) each finished within the top 10. Santiago (2:16.14) and Kim (2:17.08) placed 11th and 13th, respectively, while senior Aditya Bose was 16th with a 2:21.57 time.
Martin (55.27) and Ouye (55.66) finished the girls’ 300 hurdles in sixth and seventh, respectively, while senior Gavin Capati was ninth in the boys’ 300 hurdles with a 47.91 time.
Martinez finished eighth with a 28.13 time in the girls’ 200 while Farhadian (29.58) was 16th.


GHS varsity track athletes Jane Bassil, Jeziree Cruz and Alexa Nagasawa pose for a photo before a race at Pacific League prelims.

Freshman Alexa Nagasawa won the girls’ 400 meters with a 1:00.96 time while also winning the girls’ 800 with a 2:28.65 time.
Senior Jane Bassil (1:03.29) was third in the girls’ 400 while junior teammate Alaina Galang rounded out the race in 13th with a 1:16.56 time. Senior Lilit Arakelyan (2:36.53) finished sixth in the girls’ 800 while junior Timothy Kim (1:01.63) was 15th in the boys’ 400.
Seniors Eric Petrossian (5:08.39) and Edward Dartinian (5:09.99) finished 30th and 31st, respectively, in the boys’ 1,600 while senior Richard Pospisil was 34th with a 5:19.19. Arakelyan placed fifth in the girls’ 1,600 with a 5:32.62 time.
Sophomore Erin Freeman was 14th in the girls’ 100 with a 13.99 time. Juniors Artin Markarian (14th, 11.95) and Brandon Chase (20th, 12.22) each finished within the top 20 while seniors Jayden Wilia (12.56) and Andrew Dominguez (13.15) were 23rd and 31st, respectively.
Dartinian (2:12.90) placed 10th in the boys’ 800, Petrossian (2:25.55) and Pospisil (2:26.98) finished 18th and 20th, respectively, and senior Christian Mardirossian rounded out the race in 24th with a 2:55.97 time.
Bassil finished fourth in the girls’ 200 with a 28.35 time. Freeman (28.96) and senior Jeziree Cruz (29.81) placed 15th and 18th, respectively, while Galang (31.93) was 24th.
Markarian (24.35) and Chase (24.64) finished ninth and 11th, respectively, while Wilia (26.39) was 21st in the boys’ 200.


Hoover High varsity boys’ and girls’ track and field teams include (listed alphabetically) Joshua Ahlers, Daniel Baneham, Emma Canal, Kirsten Cannon, Katherine Coppersmith, Ethan Davis, Olivia Kovach, Javon Lymon, Emil Minasian, Lailaq Noche, Negar Rafe, Maxwell Schwarzmann, Anderson Thombs and Roberto Zegarra. – Photo courtesy Jack Sallakian

Sophomore Emma Canal finished sixth in the girls’ 1,600-meter with a 5:37.12 time while also finishing third in the 800 with a 2:28.68 time.
Senior Emil Minasian was 40th in the boys’ 1,600 with a 5:36.00 time while also placing 22nd in the 800 with a 2:36.68 time. Sophomore Katherine Coppersmith finished the girls’ 400 with a 1:03.78 time while also placing 10th in the 200 with a 28.43 time.
Senior Lailaq Noche (14.38) and junior Kirsten Cannon (14.45) placed 16th and 17th in the girls’ 100, while junior Daniel Baneham (12.62) and sophomore Joshua Ahlers (12.97) were 26th and 27th in the boys’ 100.

First published in the April 29 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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