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Stop the Rate Increases, Before It’s Too Late

First published in the Nov. 5 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

The recent mailing received by Glendale homeowners regarding a proposed 150% rate increase to take effect in February 2023 for trash, recycling and organic waste services is appalling!
To add insult to injury, proposed additional rate increases of 25% and 8% are also indicated for July 2023 to July 2027.
These highly exorbitant increases must not be allowed to stand, and residents must call on City Council members to see that they don’t. Glendale taxpayers are already struggling to cope with a national inflation rate that has increased by more than 8%, skyrocketing gasoline prices and significant — nearly unaffordable — cost increases for an array of grocery items. Thousands of Glendaleans are retired seniors living on a fixed income who will be hit particularly hard by these unconscionable cost increases.
Please make it your highest priority to put a stop to these insane costs ASAP by emailing your concerns to the City Council members. Also, each of us can mail our written protests to the city clerk prior to the proposed public hearing scheduled for Jan. 10, 2023. Failure to act will all but ensure that these proposed outrageous increases take effect.

Jean and Tom Stapleton

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