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Laura’s Corset Shoppe Named Small Business of the Year

First published in the Oct. 29 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

Assemblywoman Laura Friedman recently honored Laura’s Corset Shoppe as the 43rd Assembly District’s Small Business of the Year.
Laura’s Corset Shoppe is a 100-year-old Glendale-based lingerie store focused on supporting people who have had mastectomies and are in need of specialized undergarments. The reception was attended by several Glendale City Council members and members of the community.
“I love what I do. If I see that a customer is happy, I am happy,” said owner and Glendale resident Haley Trivoli, who serves everyone from cancer patients to anyone looking to be properly fitted. “Most women don’t wear the right bras. They will buy affordable pieces that might be pretty but ill-fitting to their bodies.”
Trivoli is a breast cancer survivor herself, and she often works closely with post-mastectomy clients to find solutions that help them regain their sense of self and confidence. It’s a personal journey for survivors that can be challenging.
“Laura’s Corset Shoppe is a very special place for me. I was sent here by my medical provider after my mastectomy,” Friedman said. “I came in with a friend who had also had the surgery. And rather than feeling like we were being fitted for a medical device, Haley Trivoli pampered us in her lovely boutique. We were treated with care and made to feel whole and complete. For those who have had cancer surgery, that kind of support can be life-affirming and spirit-lifting.”
Councilwoman Paula Devine also vouched for such challenges.
“I volunteered at the City of Hope’s Positive Image Center for 10 years,” she said. “I remember this one gentleman who came in one day and said, ‘You know, my wife needs a bra. She just had a mastectomy.’ He had seen an advertisement on television and ordered a bra for her. It weighed 10 pounds. He said, ‘She can’t wear this!’ So, I know what a huge impact this makes on patients,” Devine said of the store’s hands-on approach. “When you’re being treated for cancer, it’s always about healing the body, the mind, the soul.”
Cassie McCarty of Glendale Memorial Hospital thanked Trivoli for “creating a haven” for breast cancer survivors.
“We women need to remember to take care of ourselves, and we’re thankful for your collaboration,” McCarty said.
Laura’s Corset Shoppe was founded in 1922 by two sisters, one of whom went by the name of Laura. In 1948, the store incorporated and has seen multiple owners over the years. Taking the helm in 1989, after handling the accounting part of the business for two years, Trivoli became the fourth owner of the now century-old store. Going on 33 years, she is the longest-tenured owner.
“It is difficult enough to run any business, especially through COVID,” said Glendale Mayor Ardy Kassakhian. “The fact that Laura’s Corset Shoppe is one of the businesses that has been around for 100 years is a point of pride for the Jewel City. And we’re very grateful, especially for the unique services provided.”
Indeed, it is extraordinary that a boutique store has stood the test of 100 years’ time as the city has gone through tremendous changes and growth. But Friedman underscores what makes the store so unique and valuable.
“The story of this shop is really about human connections and helping one another. It’s people coming in with their mothers, spouses, friends, their support systems,” Friedman said. “This is a safe space, much more personal than most store settings, especially for those who’ve gone through the trauma of cancer and need more of the human touch on the path to healing.”
Laura’s Corset Shoppe sources the premier American and European brands and is an accredited Medicare supplier, working with various healthcare-coverage plans to help patients cover costs.

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