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Perseverance of the Armenian Struggle: 107 Years of Genocide

First published in the April 23 print issue of the Glendale News Press.

By Lucy Petrosian
Special to the Glendale News-Press

Today we remember the inhumane acts by the Ottoman Empire that plagued the history of the Armenian nation forever.
We remember the 1.5 million victims who suffered at the hands of Turkish nationals, and we remember the survivors who fled to foreign countries so that they could continue living despite the everlasting damage and devastation that was left on the Armenian spirit.
Nearly 107 years after its despicable commencement, the Armenian genocide continues today through the means of pan-Turkism and denialism. By scathing the Armenian nation through continuous escalations and aggressions in Artsakh and Syunik, the Turks attempt to continue the work of their forefathers and eliminate Armenia forever in an effort to unify all Turkic people in the Caucasus. However, the Armenian nation will never falter because of its willpower to survive against all odds, and through the support of its strong diaspora.
As the Armenian diaspora, the fight to secure the freedom and prosperity of our homeland relies on our collective efforts. Through the unwavering efforts made by the Armenian National Committee of America, the United States Congress formally recognized the Armenian Genocide through the U.S. House passage of H.Res.296 and the U.S. Senate passage of S.Res.150 in 2019. In 2021, President Joe Biden formally acknowledged the atrocities of 1915 as a “genocide.” These victories were a direct result of the community’s efforts in protesting, raising awareness, and demanding proper representation from their elected officials.
Although we have come a long way in our efforts for genocide recognition, the international Armenian community must still demand for Turkey and Azerbaijan to be held accountable for their continuous crimes against the Armenian nation and against humanity. We must stay focused on our cause and realize that our fight does not end until Armenians have received proper recognition and reparations from Turkey and Azerbaijan. The Armenian community must persevere in this struggle as long as these forces continue to work against us and our national goals. We must persist inevitably for the welfare of Armenia, for justice, and for the truth.

Lucy Petrosian is the chairwoman of the Glendale chapter of the Armenian National Committee of America.

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