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GPD Reminds Pedestrians, Drivers of Safety Rules

September is Pedestrian Safety Month, and the Glendale Police Department is taking the opportunity to remind local residents of the importance of looking out for one another.
The COVID-19 pandemic is changing how Glendale residents get around, but the measures they can take to keep pedestrians safe are the same.
“We are all staying at home more, which means more of us are out walking for exercise or fresh air,” Sgt. Scott Byrne said in a news release. “Be alert, careful and mindful of those around you so we are all able to get home safely.”

GPD urges that pedestrians:
• Ditch the distractions. Keep your eyes up and phones down, especially when crossing the street.
• Always use marked crosswalks, preferably at stop signs or signals.
• Make eye contact and nod or wave at drivers. A quick nod or wave is an easy way to let a driver know you see them, and they see you.
• Be extra careful crossing streets or entering crosswalks at night when it is harder to see. Get in the habit of walking with a flashlight or wearing a reflective vest so it is easier for drivers to spot you.
• If you need to briefly walk into the street to maintain social distancing on sidewalks, remember to look both ways for cars.
GPD’s tip for drivers:
• Slow down on busy streets and intersections.
• Avoid distractions, which include cellphones, eating, using in-dash touch screens, or turning to talk to passengers.
• Be extra careful approaching crosswalks. Be prepared to stop for pedestrians. Stop prior to the crosswalk.
• Try to avoid blocking the crosswalk when making a right-hand turn.
• Have your headlights on and slow down at night when pedestrians are harder to see.
Funding for this program is provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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