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Shooshanik Shooshik was born in the town of Salmast, Iran to parents Arsen and Lusik. She was one of five children, and the last remaining sibling of the Der Gevorkian family. After the family moved from Salmast to Tehran, she became a teacher. She married Garnik Malkhasian in May of 1962, and together they had three daughters, Helen, Hilda, and Aida. In January of 1979, just before the Iranian Revolution, the family immigrated to Glendale, California and remained in the same house on Adams Street ever since. Shooshik was famous for her excellent cooking and welcomed everyone for a meal to “Shooshik ‘s Kitchen “. She was also a very talented seamstress and made beautiful matching dresses for her children, and in California worked with famous artists like Michael Jackson making his sequined gloves and socks, and beautiful gowns for Dolly Parton and fashion designer Bob Mackie. Shooshik loved her garden and had a green thumb for growing vegetables and flowers, and loved watching the birds and butterflies that visited. But her passion in life has been as an educator and teacher in Tehran, and in California at Ramona Elementary School. She loved reading and made a small free library that is fondly named “Shook Mama ‘s Library ” for the neighborhood kids who come and take books every day.Shooshik was a perfect wife, mother, and grandmother, and a kind, generous, wise woman who lived a life full of grace, dedicated to helping those in need. She raised her children and grandchildren proudly and instilled a deep sense of family values. She never missed birthdays, recitals, sports games, graduations, or holidays, and celebrated every small occasion with her family. Her interests in Armenian history and culture motivated her to travel to Armenia on many occasions and to other historic parts of the world. Her zest for life never wavered, despite two prior battles with cancer. Sadly, she succumbed to pancreatic cancer and died peacefully at home surrounded by her loving family at her side. She is survived by her husband Garnik; daughters Helen, Hilda, and Aida; sons-in-law Herach Ohanian, Michael Kelley, and Reinard Knur; and grandchildren Eileen, Sophia, Julia, Alexander, and Amelia. Shooshik was a giving soul to the end; her final wish was to donate her body for medical research and education. She will be deeply missed by her family and friends.In lieu of a funeral and memorial service, there will be an intimate gathering at the Adams residence for those who wish to offer condolences to Shooshik ‘s family on _________________ from time to time .

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