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Rhythm Delivered by DrumatiX @ Hollywood Fringe

Join DrumatiX in this creative show full of imagination, humor and audience interaction, combining tap dance, body percussion, drumming and technology!

Be prepared to clap along, laugh out loud, and dance in your seat with DrumatiX in “Rhythm Delivered!

“DrumatiX wowed the crowd with a lightning-fast, show-stopping, percussive piece. Enticing rhythms, clever execution, and high production quality, make this company a must-see!” (Darrah Carr, curator, Symphony Space, NYC)

The show follows the antics of a group of friends as they discover various items in cardboard boxes, which turn into playable instruments, until the big plot twist…

Tap dance, body percussion, drumming, audience interaction, and technology meet, as the dancers create a musical and rhythmic landscape using their body and found items, large drums, barrels, buckets, and technological devices. The group takes the audience (who is also an active participant) on a journey where anything and everything can act as an instrument.

This humorous and dynamic performance is one of a kind, showcasing international and regional talent.

DrumatiX has performed at Lincoln Center and Symphony Space in NYC, toured in NY at Rochester Fringe Festival and Clayton Opera House, and has showcased in many festivals, theatres, and community events in the Northeast. DrumatiX is also on the Arts For Learning roster, performing and conducting rhythm residencies regularly in schools and educational programs.

Hollywood Fringe is the company’s debut appearance on the West Coast. Be ready for a fun-filled night of exceptional entertainment; you don’t want to miss this!

  • Sponsoring Organization: DrumatiX
  • Location or Venue: The Broadwater Main Stage, (1076 Lillian Way, Los Angeles, CA 900380