Tobin Alan Weber

Tobin Alan Weber died on May 10, 2024, at the age of 57. He was the son of Jordan Weber and Judith Weber Israel, and the brother of Tracy Mark Weber and Terry Lyle Weber. Toby had autism, was largely nonverbal, and exhibited severely autistic behaviors. However, when he wanted to see his mother, he was able to say “Wanna see mom!”
Because there were no programs for autistic children in Los Angeles when Toby was a child, his mother was inspired to start a special education school which was named Tobinworld — a name that combined Tobin’s first name and the name of his favorite song which was “Small World.” A few years later, his mother also started a mental health clinic.
The Tobinworld school existed in Glendale, California for over four decades. It became one of the largest schools of its kind in California and helped thousands of students with autism or emotional disabilities.
Toby was a happy and handsome guy. He lived with a caretaker, first in Glendale, on the Tobinworld campus and later in Pasadena, California, where he lived above the Tobinworld Mental Health Clinic.
Although Toby was severely handicapped with autism, his life was very meaningful in that he caused the creation of the Tobinworld school, which enriched and saved the lives of thousands of children and young adults, and the Tobinworld Mental Health Clinic, which continues to provide needed therapeutic services to many young people.