Phyllis Anna Eldridge

    By age 97, one has experienced most of the wonders and trappings of our modern life, and their complex and intricate evolutions. As a witness to it all, Phyllis Eldridge, born in Los Angeles, California, lived a rich life full of family, travel and appreciation for simple pleasures. Almost every innovation we take for granted didn’t exist at some point in her life.
    Phyllis was raised in the Depression era, came of age as World War II loomed, then joined the war effort as a volunteer aircraft spotter, spending nights in the top row of the L.A. coliseum, binoculars in hand, watching for threats with the civil patrol. She met Vince, a combat Marine. They married, and raised two sons, while working various jobs to help provide for the family.
    In 1960, Phyllis tragically lost both parents to a wrong-way drunk driver. This was a reset for her. She moved to Hawaii and started a new life with her new husband, Charlie. A few years later, she lost him to alcoholism and moved back to California.
    Another new job, a new husband, Bob, and grandkids brought her to Coronado in 1976, where she and Bob enjoyed a wonderful retirement in their beloved Coronado Shores condominium. They participated in all the activities, she especially loved the dances. She also wrote, produced and directed amateur plays presented at the Shores. Her passion was bridge and she willingly gave her time organizing card games and teaching anyone willing to learn the game. Phyllis also volunteered as an election administrator.
    The Eldridges threw amazing parties for their friends and family. Phyllis decided that all would be honored at a “Scorpio party.” It became an annual event, where guests participated in entertainment and games, and a giant cake was shared to celebrate the Scorpios. It was a wonderful opportunity to stay connected with loved ones over the years.
    Phyllis and Bob loved to travel and saw much of the world and most of the United States as they tried to visit all of the state capitol buildings. They sought out family and friends in far-flung cities as they explored and checked out the local “did yous?”
    This past year, since Bob died, Phyllis saw a gradual decline, however thanks to family and her wonderful team of caregivers, she enjoyed life right to the end. A fall, a trip to the ER and a bout with COVID all took their toll and she passed away in her sleep, at home, with her sons by her side.
    Her influence is felt daily by all who knew her, and she will be dearly missed. Phyllis is survived by sons, Al and Tim; grandchildren, Tara, Jess and Audrey; great-grandchildren, Phoebe, Noah, Caique, Joaquin, Pedro and Gabrella; great-great grandson, Ezra; niece Monika and nephews, Jan, Rolf and Erik.
    “Learn all you can, you’ll get more jokes.” P.E.