James Michael McCaffery, M.D.

James Michael McCaffery, M.D., died February 15. He was 89 years old. We did not ask him what he would want in a written remembrance of him. What follows is a combination of things we think he would have included, plus our own thoughts.
Jim was fortunate to have had a long, good life and was lucky to have been born in the United States with ample opportunity for him to use his gifts of intelligence, empathy, and organizational creativity. He lived in many places but settled in Glendale, California, with his family. He cared deeply for his wife Maryann and treated her with respect and admiration. They were always loving partners, especially after he retired and they moved to Sante Fe, New Mexico, where they benefited from the wonderful environment of arts and culture. They hope they gave back sufficiently through their humble philanthropy and involvement.
Jim was thankful for all the wonderful friends of his, friends who continued to care about him when he disappeared into advanced dementia. Jim was also father, grandfather, great-grandfather and loving member of the McCaffery/Miracle family.
As a young physician, Jim served our country at great personal risk behind enemy combatant lines in classified roles. He then advanced ophthalmic medicine at the local and national level. As a civilian, he started community service by organizing and providing ophthalmic care routinely at a clinic in Mexico.
We could include many other accomplishments. But, to comment on what is so important: all of us are better people because he was in our lives, and we loved him for that. There will be no service or memorial as we celebrated him when he was alive. He is survived by family including his wife Maryann, daughters Kelly and Robin, granddaughters Katherine and Christine, their husbands, and two young great-grandchildren.