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Answering ‘Get Out of Florida’ Letter

Scott Peer’s letter “Get Out of Florida” is full of anecdotal stories about inadequate Florida’s business and infrastructure environment compared to California:
Florida Gov. Ron Desantis told Disney if it wanted to continue having the cozy business arrangement in his state, Disney had to stop pandering to “wokeism.” Disney chose wokeism, and corporate profits have taken a nosedive. California is woke, so Disney will fit right in until moms and dads no longer want to support wokeism at their theme parks and other entertainment venues.
The city of Glendale and the state of California has a pension crisis because the politicians cater to government unions. On the other hand, Florida does not.
It is a fact that California is overregulated and overtaxed. And those are the reasons small and large businesses have already left the Golden State for Florida, Texas and elsewhere.
As a Glendale resident, hasn’t Scott seen Glendale’s crumbling roads and sidewalks? Granted, not as bad as Los Angeles.
As its population continues to decrease, California has already lost one seat in the House of Representatives; on the other hand, Florida continues to grow in population despite all the wows that Peer claims.
There are three reasons why people stay and love Glendale and Southern California. Reason No. 1 is the weather. Reason No. 2 is the weather, and No. 3 is the weather. Yes, we Southern Californians pay a weather tax every day of the year to live in this overtaxed and overregulated state.
Effective May 27, State Farm Insurance, the largest property insurance company, has stopped accepting new applications for property and casualty insurance, because of growing catastrophe exposure such as wildfires, flooding, and drought: “State Farm General Insurance Company made this decision due to historic increases in construction costs outpacing inflation.”

Mike Mohill

First published in the June 3 print issue of the Glendale News-Press.

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