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School Board Candidates Need Closer Scrutiny

First published in the June 4 print issue of the Glendale News Press.

I am urging the News-Press to pay closer attention to our local school board races. In light of recent school shootings, manufactured outrage over inclusive curricula, and more, I believe that local journalists must provide this critical coverage needed so that voters can research candidates thoroughly. Your home page does not even feature more than two school board candidate profiles.
In Area C, I think voters need to know that the incumbent was trying to enrich herself personally by selling COVID tests through her office at an increased rate, just after voting to require tests from all students to return to campus after the winter holidays.
When voters like me have asked her directly, she has called this accountability a “smear campaign.” But here’s the thing: it is not a smear campaign when the official did exactly what they are being advertised as having done.
In this case, there are screen shots of the incumbent advertising the COVID tests through her office — dated before and after the vote had happened — and the price was clearly significantly increased.
Voters like me rely on the News-Press to make informed decisions. I hope you provide more coverage and investigate candidates’ claims in future elections.

Andrea Cedusky

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