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Organic Waste Collection Boggles Mind

First published in the April 23 print issue of the Glendale News Press.

So, the city of Glendale explains the new organic waste collection.
Let me see if I understand this.
I put fruit and vegetable leftovers, coffee grounds, eggshells, breads and pastries, cheeses and a never ending list of items into a plastic bag. No idea where that plastic bag comes from? I put that bag in my green barrel along with my yard clippings.
Now the fun begins. That green barrel is picked up and instead of going straight to the landfill it goes to a sorting station where it is dumped, a human worker pulls out the plastic bags, empties them, sends the contents to who knows where and the plastic bag goes to the landfill along with the previously loaded yard clippings.
What planet are we living on? Oh, pardon me, it’s California.
We have just created a new layer of labor that will need wages and benefits and the net result will be my “service by other city departments” bill will go up from a number just north of $200 to the sky’s the limit.
There is an election coming up and elections have consequences. Please remember the people in state and Glendale city government who are running for re-election are the ones who have created nightmares like this.

Jim Kussman

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