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Readers Welcome Erskine Columns

I want to thank you for running Chris Erskine’s columns.
I followed him for years with the L.A. Times, and I’ve missed his warmth, humor and kindness. I literally broke down and cried when his son and then his wife died. I think we all did.
Welcome back, Chris. Glad you got yourself a girlfriend!

Susie Hodgson

I just want to say how great it is to have Chris Erskine back.
There has been no such clamor for “The Counsellor’s Corner,” which I wrote for many years and married my two careers as an attorney and a psychotherapist. But the reality is I would rather read Chris than me any day of the week!
Charlie Unger

Thank you for adding Chris Erskine to the newspaper. I am a devoted fan of this extraordinary columnist. I read him with great pleasure during his decades with the L.A. Times and continue to follow and enjoy his insightful, humorous and sometimes poignant observations about our everyday lives. All the joys and some of the burdens. He’s “Everyman” but very special.
It’s wonderful that his marvelous writing is again available in print. Thank you.

Joseph Paggi

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