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Mayor’s Speech Omitted Myriad Issues

First published in the April 2 print issue of the Glendale News Press.

Mayor Paula Devine’s speech, while informative, focused on almanac-like minutia rather real problems existent in our city today.
Where was mention of the terrible street maintenance (potholes), the dangerous sidewalk conditions (improperly repaired), the police department’s shortened hours (not open evenings and weekends), the high cost of GFD ambulance service ($2,500/trip), the recent exorbitant increase in the cost of trash collection for condo associations (almost 400%), the failure to ensure that residential construction is completed in a timely fashion (on my street alone, there are four “projects” still not completed after more than five years of work), the hit-and-miss street sweeping in residential areas and the piling up of large household items on parkways (mattresses, sofas, etc.) or the serious lack of on-street parking in the downtown business district?
These substantive issues demand the City Council’s immediate attention.

Noel Johnson

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