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Letter To The Editor | Unruly City Is Going Downhill

First published in the Jan. 1 print issue of the Glendale News Press.

Ahuda Gorman

I saw your article about Glendale’s growing population. Sadly, concurrently, the city’s services have markedly deteriorated over the last few years.
What used to be a well-kept, clean and beautiful city is now — in some instances — an appalling third-world slum with trash, health hazards and ill-kept roads. I included a photograph of the appalling condition of the alley behind my home.
The city’s bulk pickup has refused to handle it — they said I should contact the apartments’ managers. Alas, I have no idea who they are or how to reach them. The mayor’s office has, so far, failed to respond to my cry for “help,” and we’ll see what happens with the report I sent the Health Department.

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